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This Web Based Training (WBT) provides you with knowledge and tools to successfully interpret over the phone accurately and efficiently. LanguageLine Solutions WBT offers Course Catalogs with ease of navigation.  Your access to this site is time sensitive, follow the time line stated in your invitation letter and pay attention to the dates you are authorized to access this site.       




1.   Click here on à System Test  ß to verify that all required communication functions are enabled.


2.   A page with the System Test result should show a green check mark on every item listed before you can log in; otherwise follow the screen instructions and repeat the system test again.


3.  On the username field, paste the username you received in the LanguageLine Solutions User Account Created e-mail notification (fields are CaSe seNsiTive)


4.  Click on “I forgot my password” the system will email your password to your e-mail address on file.


5.  Copy the received password and paste it in the password field on this Home Page. Press enter on your key board.


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Read LanguageLine Solutions Web Based Training policies. 


 ·   In the courses with simulated calls, please listen to them to get a better idea of what being an over-the-phone interpreter entails.


 ·   Most courses include support materials, we advise you to scroll down each Course Detail section and look for downloadable support materials for future reference.

 ·   By completing all lessons and passing the available tests within your deadline, will allow you to be invited to attend the over-the-phone instructor-led session. We verify completion only with the system completion report.

                Do not use handheld devices though they are Internet enabled.

 Wishing you success!

LanguageLine Solutions Training Department.

LanguageLine Solutions Proprietary Information 2016 – LEGAL NOTICE:  It is strictly against LanguageLine Solutions’ policy and is a violation of the law for any  LanguageLine Solutions’ employee, contractor, or vendor to make copies of any materials of any kind that is owned by others.  This prohibition and unlawful activity includes recording phone conversations (unless it is an authorized recording of an interpretation or authorized customer services call) or anything found on a digital platform of any kind (the Internet, blogs, all social media platforms, webcasts, music, Podcasts, etc.).  The phrase “to make copies” includes making downloads, screenshots, or making any other digital copies or other method of copying and saving it to a digital device, such as a computer, mobile phone, iPad, tablet, etc.  Any violation of this policy by any employee, contractor, or vendor of LanguageLine Solutions will be taken seriously and may result in discipline, up to and including termination with the Company and possible legal action. All rights reserved.© LanguageLine Solutions Copyright 2016.



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